You may have been an experienced user of marijuana, but a starter in other ways marijuana is used. This is a new experience altogether, and most people are embracing it due to the numerous benefits over the old smoking method. Cannabutter is gaining popularity in the recent year. So, what is cannabutter? This article will highlight all the relevant information including how to make cannabutter  for any beginner.

A beginner’s guide to cannabutter

What is cannabutter?

dfsdfsfsfsdsdfCannabutter is also known as cannabis butter. With many efforts to legalize the use of marijuana in many countries, people are becoming innovative thus trying other options of using the marijuana. The creation of cannabutter involves extraction of the cannabis ingredients and infusing the same with butter for edible use.

How to make cannabutter

With a little bit of creativity and love for cooking, making cannabutter is very easy. Some of the equipment you may need, include a stove, cooking pan, spatula, whisk, bowl and a strainer. On the other hand, you will need cannabis buds and unsalted butter.

The method includes simple steps. Melt the but in low heat stirring the finely chopped cannabis buds and simmer for around 40 minutes. After simmering enough the butter starts producing bubbles and turning green. This is an indication that the cannabis extracts are coming off and infusing well with the butter. Once done, strain using a metal strainer and press using a spoon. Let the greenish butter cool down ready for use. The butter can be packaged and refrigerated for later usage.

You may opt to use a cannabutter making machine which offers a stress-free option. Such machines are available online for sale. You can own one at home if you are a frequent user of cannabis butter.

fdgfdgdgdfgdffdgDifferent uses of cannabutter

Being an edible, you could expect this butter to be used in various ways. People use it to apply on bread just like the normal butter. It can also be used for cooking different dishes especially the pastries. If not abused the cannabutter is a great medicinal option. Doctors can recommend a regulated dose for starters, and it can increase gradually.


Finally, people who have enough experience using cannabutter in various cooking options do have to go through the efforts of smoking or vaping the same. Cannabutter is equally effective in giving a similar feeling for heavy users. One of the best edible options is regulating abuse since you only eat what is enough.