Medical instruments are doctor’s and surgeon’s best friend; they are used to save patients life. When talking about the tools they use, there are tons of devices to start with, and here we have listed several general tools that are commonly used during medical procedures. Whether you’re a student writing a medical article or a medical student, make sure you know these medical instruments that might save your life one day.


lkjhaskdljhasdThe most famous instrument that we see hanging around on the doctor’s neck. The stethoscope was found on 1816 in France; we have René Laennec to thank for this fantastic invention, the device is used to hear movements within the human body, such as heartbeat, breath sounds, intestinal movements, and more.

Tip: there are many types of stethoscope, acoustic, fetal, electronic and doppler. If you’re not sure of what stethoscope to buy, consider asking around for the top rated stethoscope.



When you’re sick, sometimes you’re given a cup to gather your urine or your feces, these cups are made out of plastics or rubber. These samples that you give to the doctor will go to the lab, and a thorough analysis of your samples will be done, just to check if you still have some virus inside your body or not.


Another device that is commonly used in the hospital, doctors need to measure the patient’s temperature. From traditional and electronic thermometers, the thermostat is an excellent device to have in your home.

Tip: traditional thermometers have mercury inside of the tube, make sure you don’t bite your thermostat as the glass might break because mercury is toxic. If you have children in your home, consider buying the digital thermostats instead.


Scalpels are small sharp surgical blades used for surgery, dissection, and sometimes art and crafts. There are two types of a scalpel, which is reusable and disposable scalpels. The ones that are disposable usually have a plastic handle, while the reusable ones are all in metal.

Tip: if you’re a student and only need to use a scalpel once or twice, consider getting the disposable ones as you don’t have to clean them with alcohol, and it will cost you way less than reusable scalpels.



Bandages are usually a piece of material that are used to dress wounds or to restrict someone’s movement. The most common one is the gauze bandage, these simple strip of materials are used to hold the dressings in one place and can be used in almost any bandage application.