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E-cigarette also known as electronic cigarette is a battery operating device that is designed to turn the nicotine and other chemicals into dampfen. Smokers are supposed to inhale the vapor other than smoking. The amounts of tobacco in the E- cigarettes are low as compared to the traditional cigarettes. Tobacco is very harmful to the health of the smokers as it causes lung cancers, respiratory problems for a long period.

This device is quickly gaining popularity across the world mostly among the youths and teens due to its unique features.

Features of E-cigarette

  • Power Source

E-cigarettes operates using a battery that can last for long hours.

  • Heating device

It has a vaporizer that helps in turning the nicotine and another chemical into vapor.

  • Cartridge

2It is a long cartridge that holds the liquid solution containing nicotine, flavors and another chemical.The cartridge is in different colors that give it an attractive look.

Advantages of E-cigarettes

  • It is safe

E-cigarettes are believed to be safe as it contains small quantity of toxic chemicals. In traditional cigarettes, tobacco is usually burned resulting to the high amount of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the health of the users.

  • Minimal side effects

Traditional cigarettes have many side effects such as strains in the teeth, dry lips and awful smell. This is different with E-cigarettes as it involves inhaling the vapor of the liquid solution and it has low levels of toxic chemicals.

  • Environment friendly

E-cigarettes are rechargeable devices that cannot be disposed carelessly unlike do, not unlike the traditional cigarettes. This has to lead to the protection of the environment minimize air and land pollution. Traditional cigarettes are usually burned and may cause a dangerous fire outbreak if not properly disposed of.

  • Great way to stop tobacco smoking

E-cigarettes are believed to help addictive smokers to reduce and stop the consumption of tobacco. High consumption of tobacco contributes more craving of the nicotine. The smoker will therefore satisfy their desire and slowly develop to being an addict.Vaporing will minimize the cravings and stop the intake of tobacco.

  • Cheap

3This device is inexpensive, affordable and is not subjected to various taxes. Traditional cigarettes are usually subjected to a lot of taxes and one has to pay more for a good quality.

E-cigarette has not being approved by the F D A and therefore it is essential for all smokers to be very prudent while using this device.

nice smile

Our teeth play many vital roles one which includes having that ideal smile. This perfect smile, however, cannot be achieved when the teeth are either missing or are in bad shape and color. Moreover, lack of a tooth or more can lead to gum diseases and difficulty in chewing and speaking. One may feel ashamed of even opening their mouth. This conditions or instead problems, however, can be rectified using Hammond dental crowns and bridges.

Dental Crown

The use of dental crown has been in existence for a while now, and it involves covering the affected tooth using a tooth-shaped cap returning the teeth’s strength, shape and size, and appearance. The crown can be made from metal alloys, porcelain, ceramic, acrylic and even gold. Anesthetic is applied to the damaged tooth, and it is filed to correct shape and size. If the tooth is small in size, a filling material is used to increase the tooth’s core. Then the crown is then cemented covering the part of the tooth above the gum line.

Situations Where Crown is Needed

    • When a tooth is fractured or when a weak tooth needs to be protected
    • When enclosing a discolored tooth
    • When covering a tooth implant
    • When covering a tooth that has received a root canal treatment

Hammond Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used in cases where one is missing one or more teeth. They fill the gap left by using ‘fake tooth/teeth’ which are cemented to adjacent teeth or implants in some cases.

There are Four Main Types of Bridges

1. Traditional bridges. It involves a fake tooth referred to which is held with dental crowns (abutments) and used in circumstances where there exist natural teeth on both sides of the space or gap. The enamel of the natural teeth on both sides of the gap are scrubbed off to create space for the crowns.
2. Cantilever bridges. It is similar to traditional bridges only that cantilever bridges are used in a situation where there is just one natural tooth.
3. Maryland bonded bridges or resin-bonded bridges. Porcelain or metal framework is used to hold in place the fake teeth.
4. Implant-supported bridges. This is where dental implants are used in cases where one is missing two or more teeth.

Cases Where Bridges are Used

  • When you want to recover that long lost smile
  • When there is need to prevent other teeth from moving out of position

It is now time to get your teeth checked out and corrected by Hammond dental crowns and bridges. Its time recover that perfect smile!