Regular body exercise is highly recommended as it has several health-related benefits. However, most people do not know that engaging in too much body exercise is as dangerous as not engaging in any exercises at all. Like everything else out there, too much of something is deadly. Body exercises are not exemtgw3ed6y23e7u283i922pted.

There is piling evidence by many reputable health researchers that over indulging in body exercises is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. A recent journal published by the American College of Cardiology states that “those who exercise too much undo any known health-related benefit of body exercise”. What exactly makes too much exercise harmful to your body? This article outlines the dangers that come along with over exercising.

Effects of over exercising

Results to injuries

Too much exercise strains a person’s bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Injuries such as fractures and bone dislocations may occur as a result.

Loss of muscle

Leads to the loss of lean-based muscle volume and mass. If your food choices do not have a well-balanced diet, too much exercise will over time make your body lose its lean muscles. Examples of lean muscles include the calf muscles and the pectorals.

Too much exercise weakens the heart

The human heart is a mass of muscles. Too much exercise strains the heart. A strained heart becomes weaker with time. This could result in heart failure.

Weakens the body’s immune system

Too much exercise leads to feelings of exhaustion. Your body gets too tired as a result. This weakens your body’s ability to fight diseases, and as such, you can easily and frequently suffer from a myriad of illnesses and infections.

Causes amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is a condition that only affects women. It is marked by the cessation of a woman’s monthly periods. Too much exercise greatly triggers this condition. Women who experience this condition regularly often end up having their bone density reduced to very critical levels.

Causes amnesia

Sleep t2gw3edc6y2e7du28i292is essential for your wellbeing. It ensures that your body rests well. Too much exercise leads to a constant pumping of adrenaline into your blood stream. This makes your mind for racing very fast. Too much adrenaline in your blood stream makes it difficult to get some sleep or to stay asleep.

Causes mental complications

Too much exercise causes mood swings, depression, bouts of low self-esteem and makes a person easily irritable.

Causes eating disorders

People who over exercise are prone to some eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. As such, they deprive their body of important nutrients that keep a person in good health.

Only you know the limits of your body. Do not overwork your body. Set expectations and goals which are realistic.